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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Coffee & Coffee Prince

hmmm...bosannya..tak taw nak wat gapo...nak study pun malas...hihihi..saya ni cita gak la public speaking saya yang hampeh..x kira gak..besh ke tak..hehehehe
baru2 ni saya ada evaluation public speaking.saya buat tajuk The Coffee.saya pilih tajuk ni sbb saya ni peminat kopi la kata kan...hihihi...alhamdulillah la berjalan lancar gak la presentation saya.cuak jugak la..dah lama tak nervous...tetiba jd takut macam tikus...yer la..dah kawan2 bising ckp:
ramai2:mis...kami nak coffee prince!coffee prince!coffee prince!
ash(saya):mmm....(diam seribu bahasa sbb kecut perut..kira kurus gak la malam tu sbb kecut perut..hahaha)
tapi saya lecewa coz bagi saya tak cukup baik...huhuhu..tapi apa nak di kata benda dah buat kan...tapi satu je yang besh...saya berpakaian macam coffee prince...hihihi..
sama tak picture saya dekat bawah ni dengan pic atas ni...hihihi..sama kn~

perasan giler kan..hahaha...nasib la..saya memang suka buat benda giler2 mcmni..hihihi...ada ke patut..lepas speech kawan saya, Achik, dia ckp "ko bukan coffee prince tapi dah jadi coffee prof"hahaha...whatever la...janji dah selesai...nk letak video malu la saya letak speech saya~bye

From to one road to another of Amsterdam, the morning is demanding for nothing but a cup of refreshing coffee. Like Terri Guillemets once said that Coffee is the best thing to douse the sunrise with. Having a cup of coffee starting up the day had been flowing in the blood of the Europeans. However, for many people in Malaysia, coffee is just a drink that acts as an alternative beverage that is necessary for survival to help them stay awake during long journey. Why does Malaysian just take coffee for stay awake? Why not they make it must to start their day like European do? The reason is they always keep saying there are no coffee benefits when it comes to health. The truth is Malaysian habit are wrong! We takes more than two cups of coffee a day and with the added whole milk and sugar. This is totally unhealthy diet of coffee. So, I am here to answer all the question with mounting evidence suggests that coffee is good for our health.

Let’s start with a question that usually come out from our mind

It is true that coffee will cause our face look older than our age?

No! Absolutely not! Coffee is among drinks that have high antioxidant. In any case, it is prove that coffee is considered to be one of the best sources for antioxidants in the diet; these substances help to protect us against free radicals, which are a cause of premature aging. The average amount of antioxidant in coffee for 1.64 cups is 1 299 mg of antioxidants which is ten times higher than tea that supplied only 294 mg. According to the research by a biologist of the University of Navarra, Isabel López Galilea. She has emphasized in her study that the addition of sugar during the roasting process increases the development of compounds with high antioxidant activity.
Now we have found a new thing coffee as antioxidant and we continue to the next question.
Is it true that coffee containing caffeine will cause our bodies to lose even more water than normal?
Yes. But a moderate intake of coffee and other caffeinated drinks does not lead to dehydration and may count towards our daily fluid intake. It is better to take coffee compared to the hot chocolate or other caffeinated beverages bar because they have more caffeine compared to the coffee. As, urine output is often used as an indicator of dehydration. Professor Lawrence Armstrong, an avid runner and well respected scientist, undertook a review of the scientific research. In his published report Armstrong et al. (2002) concluded: “Moderate consumption of caffeine containing beverages appears to have a mild diuretic effect, however regular consumers of caffeinated drinks have a higher tolerance to the diuretic effect”
From the research, there is no reason to say by drink coffee gave massive diuretic effect to our body. Last but not least, the common question being ask.
Some of you may have question like this “I have seem some reports that suggest coffee drinking is associated with an increased risk of cancer – why is this?”
Actually, in 1991 the International Agency Research on Cancer (IARC), which is part of the World Health Organisation, classified coffee as being “possibly carcinogenic to bladder cancer.” This classification was given because there was insufficient data available at the time to be more specific. (IARC Monographs. 1991) However, the report also stated that drinking coffee may even help to protect against some forms of cancer. Since the publication of the IARC Report in 1991, several studies have been conducted. In an analysis of 10 European studies restricted to 564 non smokers, there was no excess risk in coffee drinkers. (Sala et al. 2000).
Now, we had discovered answer. You can see that, there is a great deal of research that shows drinking a few cups of coffee a day can be good for you. It not only protects you against a variety of serious diseases like cancer, dehydrate and as antioxidant but can also bring a lot of pleasure into your life. The bottom line is that the way we have it. Either we add sugar or not, either we add milk or not either we take in moderate or over dose. So, the next time you feel like to start the day with a hot cup of Joe, indulge yourself. Remember,not to add whole milk and sugar. It is good way to boost your mood, your energy, and your overall healthy lifestyle.
Before I end my speech, lets take a look on this wonderful turkish proverb,
“A cup of coffee commits one to forty years of friendship”
Turkish proverb

Lets, “drink a cup of joe, drink to your health”.
(sipping a cup of joe)

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