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Thursday, February 21, 2013


Its been awhile I left Ipoh which I realize its beauty as an historical town. So for the coming entry Ill share with you several lovely place that I have visited. :-) But for this time, I wanna share saome moment during my GCAP class. I really miss that moment with my GCAP IPOH 2 friends. I share some photos coz I belieave a picture can tell 1001 story. Wait the next entry for combo picture of our farewell day.

Innovation and creatibity is a great power of mind.

everybody can do as long as we have a positive mind set.

Dont waste our yime. Enjoy it. 

 But profesionl when it come to work

And that is how GCAP IPOH 2 live on.

p/s:paip dekat atas tu hanya boleh di jumpai di surau Masterskill IPOH.hihi

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